Once upon a time…

Ok, long time without posting anything, I know. But that was for a good reason in fact 🙂

I got married 2 weeks ago so you can imagine how busy and messy my life was in the past weeks.

So now, I decided to write a different post, not related to food (miracle!!). I decided then to write about my inspiration, the person that inspires me to cook, to discover all these different things and that made me discover this country full of beauty and flavors!

It’s not really like the tv serie How I met your mother, but more like How I met my husband…Does anyone remember ICQ??? (what the hell is that?)


It was like an MSN but in the late 90’s, something like that…I was studying English at that time and discovering the internet, so I met Eric (yeah, I know, sort of cliche that we have the same name…) online on ICQ and we couldn’t stop chatting since then.

I can say that our relationship evolved with the technology…lol

We exchanged letters (yes, 5 pages written by hand once!), cassette tapes, postcards, emails, sms, he was my best friend and after 10 years we just knew each other’s handwritting, voice and face on the screen.

After all this time, we finally decided to meet….I went to Switzerland for a 10 days holiday and we could  meet each other in person….(our first meeting was magic..)

I came back to Brazil, totally in love…we had another “long distance” relationship for 6 months and I decided to go to France as an au pair to learn French, have some experience abroad and be near him (I found a family 20 minutes from Geneva).

During one year we stayed together every weekend, we could get to know each other better, we lived together for a few months and decided to get married 🙂


So, voilà! It’s a long story I know, but it was worth waiting….unfortunatelly I couldn’t have my family here in the civil wedding, but we had them on Skype during the whole cerimony (yes, how geek is that??).


And as a very good gourmande, you must be wondering where we spent our honeymoon??? In Florence, Italy….and yes, I went craaaazy there with all the spices, pasta, pesto and gelatos..:-)


That’s the story of a happy gourmande!!! See you next time!!!

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