Chateau de Villa- Sierre

It’s impressive, I can ever get enough of raclette…


For those that don’t know it, it’s a Swiss traditional dish from the region of Valais. The name Raclette is actually the name of the cheese used on this dish, which is served with potatoes, gherkin and little onions in vinegar.

I know you must be thinking… it’s only potatoes with cheese!!! No, it’s not….it’s just delicious and even if you don’t like cheese with strong taste and smell, you must try it!!

To my Brazilian friends, be careful…it’s really hard to find the Raclette in Brazil, I found in a restaurant in Campos de Jordao and I asked how they made it…he said ” it’s the gruyère melted and some other cheese”. Ok, that must be good, but it’s NOT Raclette.

There is also a Swiss farmer that is married to a Brazilian woman, they live in Minas gerais and produce the Raclette cheese, the real one!!

Anyway, yesterday I went to this place called Chateau de Villa, in Sierre (Switzerland).



They have this amazing restaurant and also a Oenotheque (a wine bar), with the best production of wine from Valais (they are soooooo good…must be careful not to try too much…lol).

And in this restaurant, they serve a special Raclette, you can try 5 types of this cheese from 5 different regions….it’s really, really good. (if you have the chance, watch the video on this link)

I highly recommend this place. It’s cosy, delicious food, great wine…if you come to Switzerland and want to eat something traditional, that’s the place.

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