Oh the summer…!!


I love the summer in Switzerland!! Especially here in Sion, where my future mother-in-law lives. Such a beautiful day today, 34 degrees, everybody is on the streets, the cafés are simply full of people, great atmosphere!!

And, as we were here today, I could try something that my boyfriend’s mother prepared for us : Oeufs cocotte à la crème!! According to her, something fast, simple, for those days that you don’t know what to cook. And it was deliiiiiiicious!!!!

The ingredients are:

4 eggs (for 4 cocottes)

some parmesan cheese

some gruyère

some cream

salt and pepper

4 small ceramic dishes (the same for crème brûlé)

First, cover the bottom of the dish with some parmesan cheese. Then, put some cream (about 4 soup spoons), then the egg (without beating it) and cover it with some gruyère. Put in the oven (200 c°) for about 15/20 minutes (depending on how well cooked you want your egg to be). Salt and pepper is also according to your preference.

You can eat it with some rice or just a salad, it’s simple to do and reaaaally tasty!

After that great meal,  I also had the chance to try an amazing crêpe  with chocolate and ice cream in the end of the day in a crêperie, but that is a subject for another post maybe…I’ll let you imagine how good it was!!


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