Chateau de Villa- Sierre

It’s impressive, I can ever get enough of raclette… For those that don’t know it, it’s a Swiss traditional dish from the region of Valais. The name Raclette is actually the name of the cheese used on this dish, which is served with potatoes, gherkin and little onions in vinegar. I know you must be … Continue reading

Once upon a time…

Ok, long time without posting anything, I know. But that was for a good reason in fact 🙂 I got married 2 weeks ago so you can imagine how busy and messy my life was in the past weeks. So now, I decided to write a different post, not related to food (miracle!!). I decided … Continue reading

Oh the summer…!!

I love the summer in Switzerland!! Especially here in Sion, where my future mother-in-law lives. Such a beautiful day today, 34 degrees, everybody is on the streets, the cafés are simply full of people, great atmosphere!! And, as we were here today, I could try something that my boyfriend’s mother prepared for us : Oeufs … Continue reading


Voilá!! I always loved cooking and eating and everybody knows that…but since I arrived in Switzerland, as I discovered some new ingredients and also had to cook for myself everyday, I had to say that I became more audacious in terms of cooking. The next posts I promisse I’ll give more details about the recipes, … Continue reading